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"The Tight Suit"

Hi there!

Yesterday, I told you about "Every moment is a gateway" and about today’s gathering with maaaaany different activities, of which one of them I held together with @naamawietchner.

I feel what we discussed in the meeting is really relevant for many, so I want to share with you a bit about the topic we chose to investigate “The tight suit”.


And as I promised in my video I am adding here a part from a message from @louharyas telegram channel about the tight suit :

“...💡During the process of evolvement and growth, you may sometimes feel as if the current situation you are in, might limit and diminish you… 💡This feeling can be likened to a suit you wear and have put much effort into, but now it became small for your new size, isn’t comfortable anymore, and even restricting your movement....

... 🗝 The key to a life of harmony with yourself, fulfillment, strength and presence, lies in your ability not to abandon your authentic self, remain loyal to it, and maintain a dialog with your inner child who lies within you, who dreams, yearns, knows the self and pushes you from inside to express yourself.

💡Ask yourself:

🔹 What does the inner child who exists inside you sound like❓

🔹 What message does it wish to give you❓

🔹 What is its will❓

🔹 What kind of ‘suit’ does it feel like wearing today ❓


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