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How personal transformation connects to a sustainable world transformation

What does personal and spiritual transformation have to do with what we see happening in the world?

I recorded a little video where I’m sharing my point of view on it with you and want to try and give you some inspiration to move more inwards.

What I’m discussing and what you will find out about is:

🌎how I’m perceiving sustainability, especially in the fashion industry

🌎how and why the environmental/social/political/economical/etc. pollution in the world is connected to individual unawareness

🌎how we are in many ways unconscious contributors to the reality that we see

🌎why a truly sustainable society can only happen with conscious people

🌎how important each and everyone is, and how much part you are

🌎why it’s important to to listen to your inner voice and regain trust

🌎why inner honesty focusing inwards is a key to transformation

Tell me what main thought you take away from this video - I really want to talk about this more and create a connection between these two worlds (the inner and the external world)😍🌎

I hope you enjoy and have a beautiful dive your day 🤗

If you liked this journey, share it with your loved ones and with all who can benefit from this connection.

Thank you for being here and please share your biggest insight from the session!

Much love,


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