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What I do

All around sustainability (real and true sustainability ;) 
Hannah Schorch - Eco Printing Workshop at BIKINI Berlin at STUDIO 183.jpg



For any kinds of sustainability related workshops, get in touch!



I love to share my story, processes and knowledge I've gained through my work.

And most of all I love to gather inspiring individuals for moderation, panel discussions and more.

I try to merge with a lot of passion complexities with simplicity, the higher perspective with everyday life choices - and by that inspire to feel empowered and ready to act.

Water Ripple


With my experience of 10 years in the field of fashion (ready to wear and mostly sustainability related areas) I and my team are here to help companies become truly sustainable and circular in their business models.

We come with a dynamic approach that we find out together according to the needs understood what can be helpful and supporting - accordingly we will look at the business model, the product resources, production manners, design strategies, supply chains, certifications, etc. 

Our main focus and expertise lies in the circular economy circular business model as well as the cradle to cradle principle approach.

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