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How to express yourself fully & show up for yourself - without limitations

Courageously showing up for yourself and what it has to do with your universal identity.

What you will find out in the following video including a corresponding meditation:

šŸ¤—why defining yourself through things that you do, through identities that you perceive yourself to be (and you believe that you SHOULD be) limits you in being who you want to be

šŸ¤—how you can define yourself as a universal being

šŸ¤—which questions you can ask yourself to connect to who YOU want to be

šŸ¤—why asking for too many opinions can limit us in acting out and following our vision

šŸ¤—how you can learn to dare and try, and the learn from what you tried and renew yourself accordingly

šŸ¤—how you can bypass your fear of being honest with yourself, and go into observation mode instead in order to transform what limits you from expressing yourself

šŸ¤—how you can connect to your courageous heart .

This is the article I mentioned about Matters of Identity and Universal Identity, very powerful reading recommendation by Louharya:כ×Ŗבה/matter-identity

And as well this is the powerful quote I was referring to by Tijen Onaran:

"Everyone already has a personal brand. The point is rather if you want to manage it or not. Do you want to tell your own story and show what you are good at in your own way, or should others tell your story for you ā€“ maybe in a way that you donā€™t like?"

Enjoy the connection to your courageous self that expresses itself fully, lovingly and full of devotion to their purpose ā¤ļø

If you liked this journey, share it with your loved ones and with all who can benefit from this connection.

Thank you for being here and please share your biggest insight from the session!

Much love,


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