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What I do

All around consciousness, awareness, mindfulness becoming conscious citizens...

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I work with individuals in 1:1 sessions (mostly on continuous basis), as well as with groups and in course formats (continuous meetings in a stable group). This being said, I offer this to private clients, as well as team building formats. 

I like to meet people. Really meet them. So each workshop, each session, is individualized and according to your wishes and needs. 

It is based on creativity, empowerment and transformation coaching, mindfulness practices, energetic healing, meditative practices or wider consciousness.

You're very welcome to read more about my path and approaches here and see below for more details on specific offers :)

  1. Stress Release-Workshop - Leadership & Mindset - What is stress? What does it contribute to? Where does it come from? - Practices and techniques for stress regulation, management and minimizationmanagement und -minimierung

  2. Belief in Yourself - Breaking belief patterns through creativity - Leadership & Mindset

  3. Your Impact & Position - Leadership & Mindset - Activate and strengthen your inner core self

  4. Value Your Value - Values Workshop - Leadership & Mindset - with concrete implementation and applied creativity to strengthen values in everyday (work) life

  5. Stand for Yourself - Leadership & Mindset - Design your own statement shirt - values, positioning, empowerment

  6. Galaxies of Magic - Eco-Printing - Creativity & Team Building - Print intuitively on textiles with plants

  7. Living in a Water Color Dream - Watercolor Painting Workshop - Creativity & Team Building- Dare to dream - Make watercolors from plants and paint intuitively with them

  8. Bag to Bags Workshop - Creativity & Team Building - Upcycling from your favorite plastic waste :)

  9. Going Against the Current -  Blind drawing workshop à la Picasso - Creativity & Team Building - drawing made accessible - observe & implement - activate new brain strands

And many more options ....

If you are interested just send me an email to 

Team Building, Leadership & Empowerment Workshops for companies

options for private Sessions & offers

1:1 Program for energetic rehabilitation


3 month program for reactivating your healing super-powers, creating inner sustainability, and rehabilitating your energetic system towards your true authentic shining self.

Deep transformative work with the accompaniment of Hannah's mentoring, coaching, energetic treatment (high frequency healing techniques from Israel), chakra work, card sets for inspiration, guiding tools for everyday life, and continuous messaging support.

You are whole. You are worthy.

1:1 Energetic



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Leadership & Coaching Group Course Program


A deep and continuous individual & group process of 46 weeks taking place on a weekly basis, diving into vast knowledge of the self and what we are part of, connecting to your creational power, and learning to work with the Simplicity in Divinity® energetic healing tools and high frequencies - A course from Home for Transformation - Louharya Center.

A deep journey into yourself

as a whole being.

Leadership & Coaching 

Currently Not Available

1:1 Clarity Session 


This 60 min session is for you if you are looking for clarity on a certain topic in your life - may it be towards a career change, relationship, family decision, health related, or anything else in your life. 

Deep transformative work with the accompaniment of Hannah's mentoring, coaching, energetic treatment (high frequency healing techniques from Israel), chakra work, card sets for inspiration, practical guiding tools for everyday life.

All the answers you are looking for

are within you.

1:1 Clarity


1:1 Healing Session 


This 60min session is for you if you are looking for energetic support and accompaniment on dissolving a pain - this pain can be emotional, mental, physical. We will look behind the curtain and create an energetic rehabilitation and alignment to pass through the pain. 

Deep transformative work with the accompaniment of my mentoring, coaching, energetic treatment (high frequency healing techniques), chakra work, card sets for inspiration, practical guiding tools for everyday life.

The biggest gift to this world

is healing yourself.

1:1 healing


The Freedom to Be Group Course


6 weeks for enhancing confidence and a sense of security in your life - A workshop from the Home for Transformation - Louharya Center.

For this 6-week course, each participant will choose a personal topic in their life to transform and build confidence in it - and to create freedom in this topic.

You exist. You are unique.

The Freedom


Currently Not Available

What people say about the empowerment sessions

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Taking part in the Cosmic University modules and sessions held by Hannah have become an important part of my life journey. I can understand myself better and tune in to my inner voice. I learn to be curious on my beliefs, know better which ones I want to support and expand, which ones are seeking for acceptance and healing.


Module 1 gave me a lot of insights about myself in terms of self-mapping and learning tools to help me on a daily basis. 

Hannah is a wonderful teacher who helps you understand that everything is possible in these turbulent times.

I sincerely recommend it.


The cosmic University for me was a way to understand energy. It works with tools, I could see them as good metaphor for us to deal with the things we can not understand with the normal senses. 

The process helped me to stabilize my energy, and to understand the energies around, to connect the inner world with the outside reality. 

Hanna was amazing to guide us through the process, she was supportive, always available and ready to help. She was a very good teacher, and was able to clarify all our questions - and there were many. 

It was really helpful in many different aspects.


It was lovely to participate in Module 1 from Cosmic University guided by Hannah. Each session was inspirational and provided material and tools that I was able to use either in my own internal processes or when I was working with shiatsu clients. I also received feedback from the clients that they were able to feel the difference during the treatment. I would recommend the Module 1 anyone who is interested in self-development and learning new things about oneself in a light, energetical way.

Terhi Hirvikallio

Shiatsu therapist, acupuncturist

Sometimes it's the small patterns that hold you back from becoming and doing what you really want and who you really are. Hannah has amazing tools in her secret pocket to help you, using what is already in you.


Cosmic University Workshops with Hannah:

It has helped me to understand better myself towards the outside and through powerful tools, I have learned to be more conscious everyday.

Hannah is an amazing coach which reflects light, love and wisdom. Her workshops are very useful because it teaches you to find the answers within yourself.


Hannah has been so supportive and helpful in difficult situations in my life. Her empathy and trust in life and in you are contagious and make it easy to regain trust in yourself.  Hannah is extremely good at helping you see the broader picture and guiding you to better understand, recognize and identify your own needs, issues, and underlying reasons.


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