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Meaning & Purpose

My main mission in life is to help create a different world than the one we are living in at them moment, through many different things and expression forms.

Right now we are at a huge turning point that will define our future.


So, I’m asking myself, again and again, what can I contribute to the world?


What can I personally do to change things?

What is required in order for a different future to actually occur, and in order for us to see it happening?

And my answer again and again comes down to creating an understanding that each and every one of us is part of the whole.

So, if we harm something outside of us (aka someone else, nature, ....), we are actually harming ourselves.

The same goes vice versa, if we harm oursleves (aka a thought that diminishes us, ...), we are harming the whole.


And this understanding actually comes down to a necessity to empower each and every one of us, to create an understanding that each one counts, that each voice counts and is important, that each and every one is crucial for the whole picture.

The world needs each and every one of us to change, to contribute, to create alternatives.

This is how the whole changes and learns. This is how we learn to share more and understand each other and educate each other about our reasons.


So, what is the first step of being empowered?

Empowering ourselves basically means to get the control handle back into our hands.

So many times we feel like victims of our reality: “I can’t change anything”

“I can’t do it”

“They told me that, so I am not able to”

Etc. etc. etc.


This is something that stagnates change. Basically with these believes we give the control handle away and become “re-actors”. For a different future we will need to learn how to become “actors” with proactivity.

And how do we do that?

We are required to get to know ourselves. With honesty. With openness. Without judgement.

We are required to understand the forces within us that are managing us, be it a conclusion we drew from a bad experience, which shapes our perception and influences our decisions and choices, or a childhood experience stored in our memory still managing our actions.

Once we understand these forces that are managing us from beneath the surface without us even being aware of it, we start holding the control handle, we start seeing what is there. And this allows us to transform and change the things that make us REact and not proactively choose, from a point that understands we are unique, and we are part of a comprehensive picture.

In the past years I’ve gained so so many tools and understandings and processes to help empower our authentic selves - I will share very soon with you, I do have a few different things cooking.

I want to contribute to a world where we all hold our control handle in our own hands, so that we can follow our calling, unfold our fullest potentials, and create a different world together.

I am hopeful!

And I will share more soon ❤

Until then I’m sending muuuuuuch love to all ❤

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