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Chakra Workshop Hannah Schorch

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm here to pass on the gifts I have received that have helped me grow, develop, and become a conscious creator each day a little bit more.


I am Hannah, and I am a visionary, coach, designer, and full of hope of a world in peace and harmony (which by the way doesn't necessarily look like we may imagine harmony to be).
For me, everything starts from within, with a state of consciousness, towards a world in harmony with all its diversity.

For more than 8 years now I'm on my journey of personal development (scroll down to know more about my process  :), on the Training Program by the Cosmic University, investigating myself, humanity, our world, and the whole we are part of.

10 years ago I started my path as a fashion designer, which is one of the fields I aim to bring transformation to - my experience in the ready-to-wear industry, led me to becoming a sustainable fashion designer, as whom I aim to develop new, circular and responsible ways of design, consumption, production, and manufacturing that are in harmony with the environment and society, while bringing higher consciousness and awareness into the fashion industry, and creating sustainability on all levels of the journey of a piece of clothing. This led me to founding the circular, sustainable, vegan, and biodegradable clothing brand erie Berlin. as well as together with my life partner the Circular Sweater Project.

I teach and share my experiences, insights, processes, knowledge, and solutions through consciousness and creative workshops online, at schools, youth centers, companies, etc., as well as teaching materials of the Cosmic University, and also through 1:1 sessions and energetic healing.



My main mission in life is to help create a different world, an alternative to the world we are living in at the moment, to help raise awareness and consciousness, and empower each and every one I encounter with. 


Each and every one of us is part of the whole, and the whole is part of each and every one of us. 


I aim to empower each and every one, to create an understanding that each one counts, that each voice counts and is important, that each and every one is crucial for the whole picture. 

The world needs each and every one of us to change, to contribute, to create alternatives. 


I want to contribute to a world where we all hold our control handle in our own hands, so that we can follow our calling, unfold our fullest potentials, and create a different world together - because only together this becomes possible.


And I want to help you get that control handle back into your hands.

You are the creator of your life.

With my workshops and sessions I support whoever is curious and ready to change and unfold their potentials.

I am based in Berlin for physical sessions and workshops.

I support many people all over the world and most of my offerings occur online or with an online option.

There are no boundaries, there is no separation - the willingness to evolve and connect transcends any physical distance.

I will be happy to get to know you and connect with you!



A few words about myself: Something like 9 years ago I found myself wondering about all the things inside of me that were managing me, like something external taking over, basically paralyzing and not allowing me to have a life that I truly love and enjoy. At the same time I experienced distress with the world, seeing that it is not working in harmony, leaving me hopeless, angry and sad.

So! I made a decision to find out, to understand myself better in order to create a life, a reality that is more in peace.

Since then I’ve been going through deep processes that allow me to get to know myself better as well as all the forces within me – those that challenge me, and also those that help me become more enhanced – realizing that I have a creational power, that I have the ability to choose between the forces I want to bring my focus to and the ones I wish to decrease.

And: Throughout this process, my life has changed towards more harmony, joy, ease, confidence, abundance, freedom, openings to new realms of perception, and much more!

The deeper I’m going in my process, the more I am realizing that we are all connected to one another and to the realm around us – that there really is no separation between me and my surroundings, that I'm part of them, and they are part of me - that we live in a reality that actually responds to and creates our thoughts, emotions and desires – and that each one of us has a wide influence and resonance.

The time we live in is special and crucial: the realm is responding to us with immediacy, with a lot of support for those who wish to get to know themselves better, connect more to their essence, to the inner guidance each one of us has within. This is part of a global shift in consciousness asking humanity to wake up to their cosmic nature, to their souls.

One of the main channels which accompanies me with these processes, is the Cosmic University, which I am a part of for the past 8 years. The Cosmic University brings innovative consciousness to help humanity in taking the next steps of development, helping us connect to our higher selves, to understand better our life, the realm and the time we live in. Today, I am teaching these materials as well as giving one-on-one mentoring sessions.

My vision and heart’s wish is to allow more and more people to connect to themselves, to their fullest potentials, their own melody and pulse, and through this to the comprehensive whole, to the pulse of Creation, to the common truth between us – together consciously creating a reality of development and transformation.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, inquiries, requests, whatever it may be …

Lots of love,


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