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How we wake up and get up has such a great impact on the rest of our day - and on how we lead our lives, hobbies, work, businesses and create our days, deal with our families, friends, teams, clients, etc. 

Waking up consciously and taking dedicated time to allow yourself to arrive from your sleep in your day, with awareness, helps you create, renew and “update” yourself towards your best version and thrive, celebrate and nourish yourself each day precisely with ease and confidence and lots of joy.


Taking care of your inner environment is not only crucial for a happy, fulfilled and purpose-driven life but also for a happy, sustainable, social world.


I want to create this space for you, and all of us - each day - to give an opportunity to come together, connect to our higher selves, to meaning and purpose, hold hands, give support - because doing it by ourselves sometimes can be just plainly challenging: We forget, we have excuses, and also it’s just so much more enriching and enhancing to do it together, right?

Through meditations, coaching tools and input, energy frequency journeys (new healing techniques from Israel), musical journeys, energy healing practices, and more, we will develop and evolve together with lots of ease, joy, love, and fuuuuunn!


The space I will be sharing with you, will be a beautiful opportunity to


  • have a set routine in the morning (whether you can join each day or not),

  • start your day fresh being more in your presence and power,

  • see your life becoming more and more aligned to your values, visions, and dreams,

  • welcome your higher self each day and with my guidance connect to supporting energy systems existing within you,

  • and much more!!!!



In the near future, I will be welcoming guests, inspirational speakers, practitioners, etc. in the sessions to share with us through their eyes & perspective.


If you're still not sure, just come and try it - I will be so happy to see you there and share the moment!


Much much love, 


What people say about the morning sessions

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