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Online Workshop

Freedom To Be Workshop

6 meetings for enhancing confidence and a sense of security in your life - A workshop from the Cosmic University

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Freedom To Be Workshop
Freedom To Be Workshop

Time & Date

Time is TBD

Online Workshop

About the workshop


6-week workshop for anyone ready to change 

.⃝ I’m dreaming of a world full of confident people.

.⃝ Full of people daring to dream.

We are in a big transition phase on Earth, which is being reflected in many diverse ways in our personal lives. 

During transition phases and moments of crisis we have an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and realign our lives.


We are in a moment of great opportunity for each and every one - if we allow it.

The thing is that in most societies, we are not taught how to realign, or renew ourselves, or to be confident, dare to dream ourselves, bring out our best potentials and create a fulfilled life, without sorrow and hardship, without smallness, guilt, or shame - be it in our work-environment, relationships, perceptions about life, and more.

We are taught many amazing things but this is not part of it. 

.⃝ This 6-week course from the Cosmic University is designed to change that - to learn a way and a method to create something different in our lives. 

.⃝ It’s a course to create confidence and a sense of security that comes from within, that changes the experience of living.

.⃝ Each one will be guided to learning to choose how to look at things differently, to perceive consciously, to renew, to be creative, to enhance all that exists already in their life.


I want to help you create that change in your life you wish for.

.⃝ For this 6-week course, each participant will choose a personal topic in their life to transform and build confidence in it - and to create freedom in this topic.

.⃝ The number of participants is limited up to 10, which allows intimacy and a profound and individual process for each one.


◊ 6 online Live Zoom meetings of 3 hours each (Intermission included)

◊ digital workbook journal to accompany and guide you in your process throughout the 6 weeks and after

◊ A 1:1 pre-workshop call

◊ 1:1 session of 1 hour 

◊ access to WhatsApp/Telegram group 

◊ 1:1 in-between calls to accompany you in your process

◊ learning of methods you will be able to apply on your development process afterwards again and again 


The workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to enhance his or her state of confidence and sense of security in topics such as establishing self-confidence, social confidence, and confidence in relationships, employment and financial security, confidence in the ability to create personal change and make important decisions, and more  


 1️⃣ 1st Meeting: From external anchors to internal anchors

 2️⃣ 2nd Meeting: Changing thought patterns as a tool that creates confidence and a sense of security

 3️⃣ 3rd Meeting: Establishing emotional confidence

 4️⃣ 4th Meeting: From vulnerability and survival mentality to existential confidence

 5️⃣ 5th Meeting: Self-worth as an internal anchor that establishes self-confidence

 6️⃣ 6th Meeting: Facing forward - nurturing inner accomplishment

MORE DETAILS - Please get in touch to know more: 

💌 Hannah +49 1577 141 77 32 (WhatsApp/Telegram)

💌 Email:

💌 Facebook: @hannahschorch

💌 Instagram: @hannahschorch


Special Price during corona: 250€ / 270$ (regular cost 300€ / 320$) 

Space is limited up to 10 participants!

To reserve your spot, please fill in the following form 

and proceed to payment - send the money together with a note "Freedom To Be Workshop" and your name to my PayPal. or bank account (will be sent to you upon registration)

It is possible to split the payment in parts - talk to me for details and arrangement.

The first part of 100€/110$ is the registration payment to reserve your spot.

The cost of the workshop is not refundable.

I will then contact you to schedule a 1:1 call prior to the workshop.

To know more about the aim of the workshop, please go here:

Details on the Freedom To Be Workshop by the Cosmic University

The workshop is taught in English.

The Freedom To Be workshop is taught by various instructors from the The Cosmic University. 

Much love and excitement,


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