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Energetic Healing

Online or Offline in Berlin

My 1:1 energetic treatment sessions are built dynamically and according to you and your needs and desires.

Each session is very individual and adjusted to you.

I work with the LTT treatment method by The Home for Transformation - Louharya Center.

❤ The basic assumption is that we are made up of energy all the way to the physical dense matter, which is the part that is visible to our two physical eyes.

❤Another basic assumption is that we all have everything within ourselves, we just need to activate the areas that will support our transformation and movement in life.


❤Another basic assumption is that we are here to learn to enrich one another and receive support and help in order to develop and grow.


❤Another basic assumption is that we have a free will, and everything happens according to desire, demand, and containment.

What we see with our two eyes is the densest endpoint of a wide energetic array that is unique.

The energetic healing tools activate dormant areas within the person, and they help to navigate and align the dense human endpoint to the rest of its energetic array and vice versa, in order to allow opening up to the higher self and potentials, and activating supporting probabilities for a fulfilled life that is connected to purpose, meaning and essence.

Since this energetic treatment is aimed at the holistic being, we will not forget the human self and their psyche: We will discuss before the energetic treatment itself the topic and the issue that seek insights, healing, and completions.

❤ A session can be done in a physical meeting, as well as on the phone or on video call. 

The experience of a treatment like this is very individual and different from person to person. 

Some will feel, think, see, sense, visualise, know within ... others may not have any sensation.

When new areas are being activated within us, it does not necessarily become visible in the way that we think or have already experienced.

The human mind and psyche only awarely perceive what they already know.

When something new enters a person's system, it can look like "nothingness" or even create rejection.

So, I invite you to come with curiosity and an open heart, to allow yourself to unfold and receive in whatever way and in the most optimal way ❤

Jump on a call with me for introduction and to get to know me - I will love to talk and meet you and tell you more before our first session.

Contact me via the chat option or via email

Much love, 


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