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Online or Offline in Berlin

I work with different card sets from Louharya and the Cosmic University.

❤ The Chakras as Windows of Observation and Keys for Transformation

❤ Leaving the Story Behind

❤ Messages from Louharya 

❤ and more...

Each card set holds very unique windows of opportunity for development and transformation, for connecting to a higher and unidentified perspective on situations, life, and beyond.

The cards are an invitation to go through a process of change on different levels of the self - from high levels of connecting to the soul's path to insights and changes for everyday life.

❤ They assist in creating the bridge between where you are at the moment and where you want to get.

❤  They help connect you to yourself, meaning and purpose.

❤ Through the cards you will be able to study the dimensions within you and understand them better.

❤ You will be able to get to know the chakra system and how to work with it in your life.

❤ You will be able to expand your consciousness.

❤ You will be able to create awareness in your system.

❤ You will be able to identify the different aspects in you psyche.

Jump on a call with me for introduction and to get to know me - I will love to talk and meet you and tell you more before our first session.

Talk to me via the chat option or via e-mail for a get-to-know each other call or to book a session - and I will get in touch with you!

Much love, 


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